Simple Sabotage
for citizen saboteurs

Sabotage for Railway Transportation

Sabotage for Railway Transportation

for Passengers

for Switches, Signals and Routing

for Road-beds and Open Track

for Oil and Lubrication

Oil and lubrication systems are not only vulnerable to easy sabotage, but are critical in every machine with moving parts. Sabotage of oil and lubrication will slow production or stop work entirely at strategic points in industrial processes.

for Radiators and Cooling Systems

for Gasoline and Oil Fuel

Tanks and fueling engines usually are accessible and easy to open. They afford a very vulnerable target for simple sabotage activities.

for Electric Motors

Electric motors (including dynamos) are more restricted than the targets so far discussed. They cannot be sabotaged easily or without risk of injury by unskilled persons who may otherwise have good opportunities for destruction.

for Boilers

for Brakes and Miscellaneous

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